Our famous explorer is Antoine De la Cadillac....

Cadillac was born March 5th 1658. October 15. In 1687 on the 25 of June in Quebec.He married Marry Therese Gayon. 1701 he arrived
at Detroit on the 24th of July, with his group in 75 canoes. In 1722 he took the position of govenor of Castelsarrasin. He sailed to Canada ( from France)
1683 in Canada he fought Iroquois indians. He then lived in maine. He became the commandant of the post of Mackinac (in what is now Michagan) from 1694 to 1697
the famous explorer was in charge of this out post until 1710. He arrived on canoe accompained by 50 french soldiers, 50 settlers and 2 priests. When he was forced
to move to the new, remote. French colony of Lousiana. Which then included the Mississippi,Missouri and Ohio rivers and the nearby regions to be its govener
he was so boring and unpopular in this colony he was soon taken back to france were he went to jail. After being in prison, he stayed in france, never going back
to north america. He came to america in 1683 to discover his dream. He became a favorite of the govenor of new france, was placed in charge of a frontier post of
Mackinac, and eventually he proposed the creation of a new fort with a better stragic position against the English ten years after he founded Detroit. He was
appointed govenor of what vast french territory.

this is Antoine de la Cadillac
this is Antoine de la Cadillac


  • 1658 - March 5 he was born

  • 1687 - On the 25 of june in quebec, marry therese gayon

  • 1701 - He arrived at detroit on the the 24th of July

  • 1683 - He came to america to seek his fourtune

  • 1722 - He granted the position of govenor of casstelerrian

  • 1683 - In canada he fought iroquis indians

This is Cadillac's Route
This is Cadillac's Route


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