Jacques Marquette was born June 1st 1637 in Leon France. When Marquette was 17 he joined the Society of Jesus. In 1666 he became a priest. Jacques had a mother, step dad, two older sisters and three younger brothers. He started to sail for Canada, the same year he landed on Quebec September 20th,1666. Then on October 10th he went to three rivers. He had joined french Canadian explorer Loise Joliet. On an expedition (1673)

Jacques made a very perfect map and high detailed account of there trip, before he passed away. Jacques thinks very fast and is interested in religions. By the age of nine Marquette was being taught at a college that was run by Jesuits (witch is a roman catholic order). When he was seventeen he determined to become a Jesuit,and he increased his studies. His thoughtful goal was to go to new France. The french settlement in north America, and monastery native Americans. In 1672 Loise Joliet arrived at st. Ignace. He was getting ready for an expedition. It was to find the Mississippi river, which the french new about because the native Americans account. Joliet wanted to figure out if weather it implied into the gulf of Mexico and the pacific ocean. Joliet had orders from the Jesuits insisting that Marquette joined the journey. Jacques Marquette and his group traveled westward, to green bay modernly.

Jacues Marquette founded the missisippi river
Jacues Marquette founded the missisippi river

 jaques marquette and losie joliet rout map
jaques marquette and losie joliet rout map

!Time line! :D

*1637 Marquette was born

*Mid 1600 Marquette decided to become a french explorer

*1661 Marquette met french explorer Loise Joliet

*1666 Marquette was sent to new France and started studying native American languages

*1668 Marquette got sent to a missionary to Ottawa

*1675 Marquette died in Michigan

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