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No one knows when Louis Joliet was born but Louis Joliet was Baptized on September 21, 1645.He was well educated at a Jesuit school in Quebec. At the age of 6 years old, Louis Joliet's father died. At a young age Louis Jolliet begain speaking native american languges.He was the son of a wagon maker.At age 17 he tried studying to be a priest. He left school at age 22.He spent a good year in france in 1667. 1668 he went out to go with his brothers. From 1669 to 1672 he tried copper mining. He started his life as a fur trader with native Indians. In 1673 Joliet and Marquette led the first french expedition down the Mississippi river. He was a musicain who played the harpsichord,the flute,and the trumpet.he also liked drawing maps. On may 1673 Marrquette and Jolliet and other campanians left the saint Ignace in two bark canoes. Jolliet and Marquette were the leaders of the first expedition down the Mississippi river.In 1675 he married Claire Francoise Bissot and had a kid.Iin 1700 he died.Thanks for looking at our wiki!!!


  • 1645 Louis Jolliet was born

  • 1651 Louis Jolliet's father died

  • 1669 Louis Jolliet tried copper mining

  • 1673 Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marqette led the first expedition down the Mississippi river

  • 1694 Louis Jolliet explored and charted over 300 miles of the labrador coast

  • 1700 Louis Jolliet died

    Louis Joliet's route
    Louis Joliet's route

    Louis Joliet
    Louis Joliet