Samuel de Champlain's Story

Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, France around 1574.He had special talents such as navigating and map making. He sailed a lot of of eastern Canada and was known as Father of New France.He became a naval captain like his Father, Antoine. In 1603, Samuel sailed on his first voyage to Canada.As a geographer,on a fur trading expedition.
He sailed up Suguenax, St. Lawrence and Richelieu rivers and used his information he had to make a map that showed Canada, from Hudson Bay to the Great Lakes. In 1604, Champlain made another voyage to North America. He was looking for somewhere to make a settlement. He spent 3 years exploring the Atlantic Coast from the Bay of Fundy down to Cape Cod. On his third voyage, (in 1608) found a settlement and a trading post along the St. Lawrence River that became the city of Quebec. It was the first white settlement in Canada, which means Quebec is oldest city in all of Canada. He spent the rest of his life going back and forth
between France and Canada.
His goals were to get to the Pacific Ocean, and teach the Natives about christanity. In 1629, Quebec was captured by the English, and Samuel was demanded back to France as a prisoner. In 1633, Champlain returned to his trading post in Quebec and remained there untill he collapsed on the floor in his trading post on Christmas in 1635.

Lake Ontario to Cape Cod
Lake Ontario to Cape Cod


"Samuel de Champlain" Books (2)

Fun Facts

Name: Samuel de Champlain
Birthplace: Brouage, France
When Born: around 1574
Where/When/How he died: Quebec, Canada/ 25 December 1635/ Stroke
Gender: Male
Race: White Caucasian
Religion: Roman Catholic


"The advice I give to all adventurers is to seek a place where they may sleep
in safety" -Samuel de Champlain


1574? Samuel de Champlain was born
1603 Samuel went on his first voyage
1604 Samuel went on his second voyage
1608 Samuel went on his third voyage
1615 Samuel joined the French and Indian War
1635 Samuel died
Samuel de Champlains picture and signiture (colored)
Samuel de Champlains picture and signiture (colored)