This is about Jacques Marquette. He was born in Laon France June 17th 1637. He joined the society of Jesus at age seventeen he learned and taught there for several years and had a deep interest in religion at age 17. He went to collage he wanted to become a Jesuit priest and then was ordered to go to New France after learning native languages. He was sent to the great lakes in 1669 after he reached the mission of La point Du saint-Esprit near lake Superior and stayed there for eighteen months until France forced him to come back. He and some native Americans and they settled on the northern shore of the straits at lake Mackinac which connects with Michigan.In the middle of may 1673 in ice had been blocking the straits of Mackinac finally thawed.Marquette and five set outexternal image furTrade.gif Marquette wrote to do everything for glorious undertaking . They moved along Green bay where the men where they where in the Fox river and found st Ignace in1672. Jacques died in 1675 near the Marquette river in Michigan.

This is Jacqes marquette
This is Jacqes marquette


  • 1637 Jacques is born
  • 1656 He begins to learn Philosophy
  • 1668 Marquette begins work at La point Du saint esprit
  • 1673 Jacques explores Mississippi river
  • 1674 Jacques attempts to establish among Illinois river people
  • 1675 Jacques dies at the mouth of the Marquette river on the eastern shore lake Michigan


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